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We also hope to inspire ordinary people to see and explore this little country of ours through the eyes of our cycle enthusiast writers.


Through our articles we hope to empower every dreamer to feel self-assured and confident in any adventure they embark upon. By making our stories accessible to those who have not yet experienced

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We are a platform for bicycle enthusiast around New Zealanders who have challenged themselves, assessed their endurance and fitness levels, and competed with professional athletes.

We act as a one-stop-shop where people can visit any time and read amazing stories or articles on cycling. Thru the articles on this website we hope you will be exposed first hand to the love of cycling.


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Our article writers have experienced cross country treks, races on rough terrains, motocross, and much more. Not only will this website be a source of guidance, but it will also allow you to experience the thrill of cycling through other people’s eyes.

Our website will bring you content about how you can go on a trip like the authors and make memories that will last for a lifetime. You can also expect articles on the newest equipment and the latest reviews. Among the various articles on cycling, you will also find blogs related to health and fitness and many other cycling related issues and peripheral topics to help you get out there, enjoy yourself, and remain safe.


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To provide articles and blogs based on the adventurous experiences of cyclists so that other people can get inspired and start exploring this incredible country of ours.

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Find Your Distance Below and Get Ready for the Summer’s Big Challenge

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